Skin-Pass Mill


Excellent Flatness and a Perfect Finish

The advantages of skin-pass mills (also known as temper mills) from Primetals Technologies include full compliance with tight strip elongation tolerances; excellent flatness performance; high surface quality with respect to roughness, peak count and low residuals; and the availability of wet and dry skin-passing modes. Primetals Technologies supplies stand-alone and inline skin-pass mills in either single- or two-stand design for adjusting the final mechanical properties, flatness and surface finish of cold-rolled strip. Due to its higher rolling forces, the 6 high UCM-Mill is the preferred skin-pass mill solution to meet the continually increasing demands placed on strip flatness, elongation and roughness, especially for hard-material grades.

The most common configuration is a single skin-pass mill that rolls in a single direction, with tension reels placed at both ends of the mill. However other types are also used, such as a temper mill with two mill stands for higher tempering in tin-sheet production mills which include DCR (Double Cold Reduction) mills with two or even three mill stands for rolling thin tinned materials known as DR materials. Single or double stand skin-pass mills are placed in-line at the exit of continuous annealing and continuous galvanizing lines. 6 high UCM-MILLs are supplied in response to recent requirements to roll harder material, such as hard tin plate and AHSS, with improved strip flatness control capability.

Main benefits of Primetals Technologies' skin-pass mills

  • Tight strip elongation tolerances
  • Excellent flatness performance
  • High surface quality (roughness, peak count, low residuals)
  • Possibility of wet and dry skin-passing modes
  • High speed roll changing
  • 6Hi UCM-MILL
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    • Fig.1- In-line single stand skin pass mill
    • Fig.2- Two stand Double Cold Reduction (DCR) mill
    • Fig.3- In-line two stand temper mill

Plant productivity and product quality are substantially depending on the quality of plant automation, process control, and available process optimization functions.

To get the best performance out of a plant, Primetals Technologies provides add-on specific optimization solutions for further improvement of production efficiency and strip quality, besides standardized high performance automation system.

Inline Process Quality Insurances

  • Strip defects follow-up with preventive defects passing strategy
  • Accurate roughness and elongation controls
  • Model based Automatic Flatness control AFC
  • Automatic Coiling tension distribution

Final Product Quality Certification

  • Process data recording
  • Product classification report

Integrated Plant Safety Control System

Integrated Plants & Solutions for skin-pass mill — Experience that Matters

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Reference Story: UCM-MILL for HSS application

Type of plant:
In-line Skinpass Mill for CAL

Our solution:
6Hi UCM-MILL, excellent strip shape for wide width range as well as wide product grade (SEDDQ to 1480MPa HSS) with UCM-MILL technologies.