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Cost-effective and high-quality for flat steel production

With over 30 years of experience, Primetals Technologies has worked closely with customers to constantly improve technologies and equipments, as well as focus on environmental sustainability. The Arvedi ESP process has shown to be the best choice for cost-effective and high-quality flat steel production.

Steel production with zero CO2 emissions

Arvedi ESP is a unique way of steel production with zero CO2 emissions, zero fossil fuels, and the lowest energy use among all similar technologies.

Arvedi ESP’s eHRC (endless Hot Rolled Coil) convinces by an outstanding homogeneity from head to tail. This improves the process performance of the eHRC customers, benefiting from more stable production conditions.

The development of new steel grades is supported by advanced microstructure control as a result of the stable production conditions of the endless mode.

Arvedi ESP grants access to all major steel markets, from appliances to construction, e-mobility to advanced steels.

ESP power coilers extend the coiling range from ultra-thin to ultra-thick gauges.

Because Arvedi ESP tolerates more scrap impurities than other methods, it works well with EAF and is known as the best circularity solution.

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Embedded operational know-how

The architecture of the ESP automation system is based on an integrated and unique approach. State-of-the-art technology, combined with artificial intelligence, provides excellent product quality.

Due to our extensive metallurgical know-how and experience in casting and rolling technology, the Primetals Technologies automation system covers the entire Arvedi ESP line. Our expertise combined with our commitment to exceed limits is key to creating world records.

Reference Story: The world's largest ESP complex


Rizhao Steel, PR China

Type of plant

Five Endless Strip production lines

Our solution

This ESP complex consists of 5 lines with a combined capacity of nearly 12 Mtpy. Three ESP production lines with a width of 1,600 mm, generating 2.55 Mtpy each, and two 1,300 mm wide lines, each producing 2 Mtpy. The plants offer versatility and produce carbon steels, high-strength low-alloyed (HSLA) grades, and dual-phase steel grades.

What the customer says

"I got excellent support from Primetals Technologies and Acciaieria Arvedi, to help me reach my business objective: establishing the highest level of hot rolled strip technology, Arvedi ESP. Since 2012, we have visited the endless rolling plant of Mr. Arvedi in Cremona many times. Finally, I decided to build five ESP lines."

Du Shuang Hua, Chairman of Rizhao Steel

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