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Tailored financial solutions – a solid foundation for creating conditions for growth

Our objective is to combine financial expertise, in-depth industry and country know-how to structure tailored financial solutions for our customers. We understand the complexities of metals projects and the critical role a well-structured financing plays in ensuring the success of the project. Our financial solutions combine proven financial expertise with unique technology know-how. This comprehensive approach enables companies of all sizes to tap into “state-of-the-art” technologies thus enhancing competitiveness, generating greater value, ensuring sustainable environmental and energy efficiency goals and providing a solid foundation for growth.

Expert Financing

Project financing structures are rather complex and require proven project management to implement them efficiently. Therefore, Primetals Technologies provides you with tailored financing solutions based on in-depth industry, country-specific and financial knowledge. We have extensive and long-year experience and competence in developing and implementing suitable financing solutions for projects in the metal technologies field worldwide. We are a partner who understands and skillfully manages the challenges and opportunities unique to this sector. 

We support our customers in designing and arranging short, medium, and long-term financing structures, usually in conjunction with commercial banks, multilateral agencies and export credit agencies (ECAs). And in the case of structured financing solutions, we work with renowned international trading houses. Primetals Technologies is a partner for comprehensive financing solutions that best address the individual needs of its customers. 

We are a core partner of leading ECAs due to the multisourcing character of our projects. We have an excellent, long-standing relationship with international banks, and we have experience in export and project financing. Primetals Technologies has broad experience and know-how, and extensive networks to support overall project financing.

We are

  • Professional: proven by the successful implementation of a wide range of diverse financial projects worldwide.
  • Responsible: dedicated to ethical and sustainable conduct.
  • Innovative: providing tailored financing solutions best suited to the specific needs of our customers, thus creating additional value for our customers and enhancing their competitiveness.
  • Multinational: a global center of expertise for financing, securitization and financial risk.
  • Efficient: through in-depth knowledge of our customers’ business combined with long-standing sector experience.

Reference Story: Financing the future of efficient steelmaking

GPH Ispat Limited, Bangladesh

Type of plant
Minimill with EAF Quantum and Endless Bar Production (EBP)

Technical data
Annual production capacity of 815,000 metric tons of long products and billets

Our solution
The financing of this project is effected out of a tied OeKB covered bank-to-bank loan with United Commercial Bank Ltd., Dhaka, acting as the lead bank for the local banking consortium and thus as on-lender of the loan to GPH Ispat Ltd. Given the complexity of the project, OeKB is acting as lead ECA with EulerHermes and SACE acting as re-insurer under the transaction. FIN SF was deeply involved in the negotiations about the financing structure and its detailed terms and conditions and will ensure the implementation of the customer-specific financing solution by monitoring the project schedule, sourcing concepts, compliance with the requirements of the different financing parties.

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