Continuous Annealing Lines


Advanced annealing lines are essential for ensuring precisely controlled metallurgical properties – as required for high-end steel applications – and fast processing speeds.

Annealing lines from Primetals Technologies feature a flexible, multi-zone furnace able to process a broad range of steel grades and dimensions at very high speeds. Line equipment includes fully automatic coil feeding, mashed lap or laser welders for head to tail strip joining, strip-cleaning, state-of-the-art drives and automation solutions.

Non-stop quality production

As a profitable alternative to batch annealing, usually selected for high-end application e.g. automotive external sheet, Primetals Technologies' continuous annealing lines provide high throughput rates, high yields, significant energy savings and high-quality products.



  • Welding solution featuring Mash Lap or Fiber Laser depending on final application
  • Vertical or Horizontal Electrolytic Cleaning section
  • Multi zone furnace
  • Skin-pass mill and tension leveller
  • Turret-type side trimmer and Automatic Baller
  • Special Instruments
  • PropertyMon® –  Inline Mechanical Properties Measurement System
  • SIAS® – automatic surface inspection system
  • TCO® – Total Cost Optimizer

Main benefits

  • Automatic coil insertion onto pay-off reel
  • Automatic coil opening and head end threading to welder
  • Exact temperature control and rapid cooling for production of steel qualities not attainable with batch annealing
  • 6Hi UCM Skinpass mill for strip surface & improve strip shape
  • Precision side trimmer and scrap baller for reliable line operation and accurate product width adjustment
  • Proven high plant availability
  • Easy maintenance and operation due to ideal equipment design

Furnace Technologies — A long-time Furnace Supplier to the Steel Industry

For more than 40 years, Primetals Technologies has supplied vertical and horizontal furnaces to the steel industry, responding to customer requests for production capacity, thermal treatment cycle, greater energy savings, extended equipment lifetime, etc.

Types of furnaces

  • Vertical Furnace
  • Horizontal Furnace
  • L-Shaped Furnace, which is a combination of vertical and horizontal
  • Other furnaces here

Main benefits

  • Proven high availability
  • High quality products for exposed automotive use
  • Fully automated operation to minimize number of operators
  • Capability to provide stable strip transfer technologies for vertical continuous furnace up to 1,000 mpm for Tin products
  • Capability to supply several types of in house cooling technology to satisfy the market demands
  • Accurate  temperature control by using advanced thermal models
  • Solution for AHSS production such as direct flame impingement burners, water / hydrogen quenching strip cooler, etc.


Primetals Technologies has vast experience in upgrading and modernization of processing lines. With a systematic approach, we work closely with our customers to develop a tailored modernization concept based on their individual needs taking all boundary conditions fully into account. The solution may be purely electrical, automated, mechanical or a combination. Based on the selected concept, the modernization can be carried out in several steps or during a plant shutdown. Primetals Technologies’ experience minimizes downtimes and ensures a fast start-up and top quality.

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Welding solution featuring Mash Lap or Fiber Laser

Primetals Technologies introduces its most advanced laser welder performing welding and cutting using asolid laser source, dedicated to ultra high strength steels. This welding machine, called LW21L and mainly targetting annealing lines, provides a very high performance level for a wide range of grades. For annealing lines, Primetals Technologies also offers the state of the art MashLap welding machine ranging from 0.1 to 5.0 mm offering a great service for money for your processing line.

Vertical or Horizontal Electrolytic Cleaning section

To allow a good layer adhesion onto the strip surface, oil and fines are removed thanks to adequate cleaning definition in association with process technology. Thanks to the improved technology of different cleaning section designs (spray, “V” shape and electrolytic, vertical tank and electrolytic), our electrolytic cleaning section help you optimize the consumption of utilities and reduce waste.

Skin-pass mill and tension leveller

Our solution range encompasses skin-pass mills and tension levelers that cover all applications. With rolling force capacity ranging from 400 to 1,500 tons, skin-pass mill stands can be of two-high, four-high or six-high design – thus providing a best-in-class solution, whatever your application.

Turret-type side trimmer

Primetals Technologies innovative side trimmers dedicated to annealing application are called ST21M. Coming in turret or single head type, they can also feature options like the Dynamic Width Adjustment (DWA) and/or the EdgeMon system. Our single-stand or turret or dual shifting scrap choppers SC21M are designed to ensure the highest quality cutting and strongest availability. The pertinent choice of drum diameter and number of knives ensures the longest running time available in the market. Close association of side trimmer and SC21 scrap chopper is a guarantee for a best scrap disposal and lowest cobble ratio. 

PropertyMon® –  Inline Mechanical Properties Measurement System

With Primetals Technologies inline and real time measuring system for continuous annealing lines, steel producers can not only determine mechanical properties (tensile and yield strength) but also steel magnetic behaviour in a non destructive way. The specific sensor head design and associated innovative signal processing ensure highest results guarantees.

SIAS® – automated surface inspection system

The perfect tool to guarantee you a defect-free surface condition of the processed steel strip. SIAS will detect and identify critical defects, for deep-drawing applications such as fine slivers, holes or scratches, as well as coating defects. The tiniest defects such as arc spots, may be detected even at maximum speed. At the continuous annealing line, SIAS prevents defective materials from being further processed at the electrolytic galvanizing line or in any other downstream process.

TCO® – Total Cost Optimizer

The TCOptimizer offers the means to secure the production by keeping an eye on all the signals of the whole metallurgical route (from casting to downstream process) and triggering just-in-time alarms against performance degradation regarding equipment conditions, process and product quality. TCOptimizer helps you also to better control your consummables (ex: reducing gas consumption by furnace temperature optimization) in order to reduce costs.

Condition monitoring system

With the inline measuring system for pickling lines, steel producers can determine mechanical properties (tensile and yield strength) in a non-destructive way. The process can be optimized effectively and quality can be guaranteed. In comparison to time-consuming destructive testing, PropertyMon continuously inspects the product, informs of any process deviations and avoids customer claims.

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Plant productivity and product quality are substantially depending on the quality of plant automation, process control, and available process optimization functions. Primetals Technologies has successfully provided EA solutions for 41 CALs worldwide within the last 10 years with ultimate process conditions and strip quality across the line. 

Throughput Optimization 

  • Flexible coil schedule and coil split function
  • Intelligent looper filling strategy
  • Cutting program optimization
  • Speed Optimization System

Inline Process Quality Insurances

  • Strip defects follow-up with preventive defects passing strategy
  • Transparent cleaning process monitoring and control
  • Stable process tension control with load shearing
  • Accurate roughness and elongation controls
  • Closed loop flatness control
  • Automatic Coiling tension distribution

Final Product Quality Certification

  • Process data recording
  • Product classification report

Production and Plant Condition Monitoring

  • Process equipment condition monitoring
  • Bridle slippage detection and preventive control
  • High accuracy flying shear control
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    • Fig.1- Integrated Plant Safety Control System

Lifecycle Services — improve performance while reducing costs

Service and support from a single source — fast, experienced, reliable

As your lifecycle partner, we provide you with comprehensive operational support, which helps you operate your ironmaking, steelmaking, rolling and processing facilities at the lowest cost possible. Our portfolio includes maintenance and repair services as well as the fast delivery of original manufacturer components, produced in-house according to the highest standards of quality.

We fully integrate maintenance organizations into our customers’ organizations, thereby proving what it means to be a true lifecycle partner. The result of this win-win relationship between steel plant operators and Primetals Technologies is continuous improvement in equipment performance, product quality and total cost of ownership. 

Our customers can rely on fast and uncomplicated support in case of an unexpected component breakdown, wherever their facility may be located. Backed by global resources and a worldwide supplier chain, we can promptly provide you with top-quality original spare and wear parts at competitive prices. We keep a range of key parts on stock to ensure their fast availability.

Want to know more? Go to Primetals Technologies Lifecycle Services Site

Integrated Plants & Solutions for continuous annealing lines — Experience that Matters

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Get striking results with incremental investments

PropertyMon Inline measurement of steel strip properties
Mulitpas Physical equipment for simulation of annealing process
EdgeMon Inspection of side-trimmed strip edge surface for steel pickling and processing lines and aluminum rolling
Flying Width Changing (FWC) side trimmer Innovative solution for efficient and accurate side trimming

Reference Story: High technology to serve automotive export market and high quality in household appliances

Tangshan Iron & Steel Corp., Tangshan China

Plant type
New Continuous Annealing Line

Our solution
A complete new cold rolling plant, including a coupled pickling line and tandem cold mill (PLTCM), a continuous annealing line (CAL) and a continuous galvanizing line (CGL), to produce high- strength automotive plate and advanced steel grades for household appliances.

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