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Continuous Annealing Lines


Advanced annealing lines are essential for ensuring precisely controlled metallurgical properties and high processing speeds.

The Continuous Annealing Lines from Primetals Technologies feature a flexible, multi-zone furnace capable of processing a broad range of steel grades and dimensions at very high speeds. Line equipment includes fully automatic coil handling, highly efficient strip-cleaning, Skin-Pass Mill, Side Trimmer, state-of-the-art drives, and automation solutions.


The Continuous Annealing Line is a unique solution that enables large-scale production of the highest strip quality in respect of the most difficult steel grades to be annealed. We offer the best technologies for furnace, line equipment, and automation, and our extensive process expertise allows us to meet the expectations of our clients. These solutions are reliable and optimized in terms of operation and maintenance costs.

Main benefits

  • Numerous references and many years of experience
  • Global expertise
  • Internal solutions for Mechanical, Furnace, Automation, and In-house mechatronic machines

Furnace and cooling section

  • Flexibility to produce the most advanced steel grades in the industry
  • High efficiency, radiant tube furnace utilizing accurate temperature control with advanced thermal models
  • Transverse flux induction system enables higher temperature thermal cycles, reduces radiant tube furnace load, and eases transition control
  • Patented high hydrogen, rapid cooling achieves 120C/sec/mm utilizing patent-pending T-nozzle plenums ensuring uniform temperature profile across the strip width


Mechatronic machines for Continuous Annealing Lines

In-house mechatronic machines designed, assembled and tested in our Primetals Technologies workshops:

  • Skin-Pass Mill (4-high or 6-high), Tension Leveler (more than 400 references worldwide)
  • PropertyMon Inline Mechanical properties gauge
  • Turret-type Side Trimmer with flying width adjustment, EdgeMon® (edge monitoring), and Scrap Chopper

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Complete automation and process control for Continuous Annealing Lines

Plant productivity and product quality are substantially depending on the quality of plant automation, process control, and available process optimization functions. Primetals Technologies
has successfully provided EA solutions for 44 continuous annealing lines worldwide within the last 15 years with ultimate process conditions and strip quality across the line.

Our focus is on the continuous improvement of the following requirements.

Final Product Quality Certification

  • Process data recording
  • Product classification report

Production and Plant Condition Monitoring

  • Process equipment condition monitoring
  • Bridle slippage detection and preventive control
  • High accuracy flying shear control

Throughput Optimization

  • Flexible coil schedule and coil split function
  • Intelligent looper filling strategy
  • Cutting program optimization
  • Speed Optimization System
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Get striking results with incremental investments

NameShort Description
Flying Width Changing (FWC) side trimmer Innovative solution for efficient and accurate side trimming
PropertyMon Inline measurement of steel strip properties
EdgeMon Inspection of side-trimmed strip edge surface for steel pickling and processing lines and aluminum rolling

Reference Story: Sophisticated technology to serve automotive export market and high quality in household appliances

Tosyali Toyo Steel Co. Inc., Istanbul

Plant type
Continuous Annealing Line

Technical Data
Annual capacity: 240,000 tons
Strip thickness: 0.16 - 0.8 mm
Exit Strip width: 700 - 1270 mm
Exit Speed (Max): 500 m/min

Our solution
The vertical-type annealing furnace consists of pre-heating (PHS), heating (HS), soaking (SS), first-cooling (1CS), second-cooling (2CS) and third-cooling (3CS) sections, all developed by Primetals Technologies. The annealing furnace is designed to flexibly produce T1 through T5. A compact-type tension leveler is installed after the cleaning section in order to correct material strip-shape deviations. This is important to ensure smooth and reliable operation in the annealing furnace, even at a maximum line speed of 500 m/min.

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