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Endless Bar Production


Cutting Conversion Costs for Long Products

The Endless Bar Production (EBP) merges a billet caster and high-speed mill, running continuously without reheating between casting and rolling. It slashes energy use by 60% and CO2 emissions by over 90% compared to conventional methods. With minimal material losses, it achieves a remarkable 99% yield. Conversion costs are 40% lower on average, thanks to reduced inventory and infrastructure. Endless Bar Production, born from Arvedi ESP technology, boasts top-tier performance, reliability, and eco-friendliness.


With Endless Bar Production, the cast strand is rolled as soon as it solidifies, making a conventional billet furnace redundant, benefiting the plant's energy and environmental impact. An induction heater is activated by the automatic process control when needed. All components of Endless Bar Production are designed for long-rolling campaigns, improving plant utilization and yield. With smaller land requirements, lower transformation costs, and reduced emissions, Endless Bar Production is the most competitive solution for long products. Innovative design and process control enable Endless Bar Production to deliver bars and wire rod of superior quality.

Features of Endless Bar Production

  • Billet caster with proven technological packages for high-speed production
  • Rolling mill technology with the highest quality and productivity
  • Long-life components and quick-change parts to maximize plant availability
  • Advanced, multi-level automation systems
  • Smart sensors and mechatronic solutions linked to a centralized process control
  • Low consumption of energy, fluids, and consumables
  • Minimum emissions of carbon dioxide
  • Compact footprint and reduced civil works
  • Flexible operation in endless or semi-endless mode when required
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Get striking results with incremental investments

NameShort Description
LiquiRob for Casting Robotic solution for continuous casting machines
Powder Expert Feeder with high precision powder control in the caster mold

Reference Story: State-of-the-Art Minimill for Long Products

GPH Ispat, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Type of plant
A new Minimill with EAF Quantum and Endless Bar Production

Technical data
640,000 tons per year of bars and sections

Our solution
Endless Bar Production (EBP) directly connects the high-speed caster with the rolling line through an induction furnace. The production is done either endless or semi-endless mode depending on the production requirements. In EBP Minimills finished bars are produced from scrap in a short time at low conversion costs.

The project was executed in collaboration with Primetals Technologies Italy, now POMINI LRM.

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