Energy supply and power quality — solutions for substations and power distribution

Primetals Technologies offers reliable power distribution and quality solutions tailored to your technological process needs and utility supply requirements. We create a solid design basis for your distribution solutions by using our extensive know-how in the fields of high, medium, and low-voltage systems, along with the specific needs of your technological processes and maintenance requirements. We provide a safe energy supply by meeting and exceeding industry-leading safety standards and codes.


Active Power Feeder

The Active Power Feeder, a game-changing technology, transforms the efficiency of electric steelmaking by bringing electric arc furnaces to the next level of sustainability and future-proofing production. Eco-friendly electrical grids pose challenges to steel producers. Active Power Feeder conquers the intermittency of renewable energy sources, ensuring stability in electric-based steel production. The Active Power Feeder is based on a modular multilevel converter to deliver balanced real power in the most grid-friendly way, offering benefits like fast current control and minimized harmonics. Combined with Melt Expert, the Active Power Feeder optimizes furnace control and enhances productivity. Optimized control ensures the lowest total cost of ownership and impeccable power quality without extra compensators.

Conventional power quality solutions

With scope from design to complete turn-key installation, our other power quality solutions comprise:


Filters are used to provide power factor correction or harmonic mitigation. Typical configurations are:

  • Active or static filters
  • Outdoor or indoor installation
  • Air core reactors or iron core
  • Filter yards or completely enclosed filter installation


Static VAr Compensators (SVC)

SVCs are placed near high and rapidly varying loads, such as arc furnaces, where they can provide voltage stabilization, reactive power control, power factor improvement, flicker mitigation, and total harmonic distortion reduction.


Static Synchronous Compensators (STATCOM)

STATCOMs are Voltage Source Converter (VSC) based systems. They, like SVCs, provide voltage stabilization, reactive power control, power factor improvement, flicker mitigation, and total harmonic distortion reduction.


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Power distribution

Power distribution system design includes the selection of utilization voltages, load demand factors, cable and transformer sizing, power system analysis, power quality, emergency power sources, and energy management systems.
Safety is of utmost importance in power system design. Our PE (Professional Engineering) licensed engineering team establishes compliance with local codes and standards to ensure the safety of the personnel and property from hazards arising from the use of electricity
We work with customers to provide cost-optimized and effective electrical systems. Although equipment and installation costs are primary contributors to initial investments, operation and maintenance costs become critical in large complex systems.


Integrated approach

Placement, size, and ratings of high voltage equipment and configuration of the substation are designed in conjunction with power distribution and utility requirements. These factors result in an overall coherent and optimized system.


Flexibility in scope

Primetals Technologies offers basic engineering to complete turnkey solutions based on customer requirements. By scope from initial planning to detailed engineering, construction, and final commissioning, Primetals Technologies provides ease of execution, efficiency, and minimum risk.



  • Turnkey substations
  • System analysis and consulting
  • Substation automation
  • Protection & Control Panels
  • Grounding and Lightning protection
  • Layout Design and 3D Modeling
  • Conventional upgrades
  • Retrofit solutions
  • Installation design and engineering
  • Civil, Structure engineering and construction
  • Training support
  • Testing and Maintenance
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Integrated approach

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) solutions offered by Primetals Technologies allow energy management, power monitoring, and process automation systems to combine into a single system.


Key Benefits

  • Seamless data exchange between process and power automation systems
  • Increased data availability for analytics and big data processing

Cost-efficient and robust

Our system is vendor agnostic and compatible with modern protection and metering devices. All major communications protocols, such as IEC61850, MODBUS, PROFIBUS, and DNP3 are supported for data exchange.


Time synchronization and Trending

Trending, storing, and retrieving important values such as alarms, currents, voltages etc. are easily configurable per operator requirements.

All devices are time synchronized to a central clock, and all alarms are time-stamped. Synchronized devices and time-stamps allow for quick event diagnosis and fault analysis.


Scalable Systems

SCADA solutions from Primetals Technologies are scalable from a single device to thousands of devices or equipment. With such flexibility and scalability, we can provide solutions tailored to very small or large systems, satisfying all customer needs.


Primetals Technologies offers a wide range of analysis services covering all aspects of the metals industries' power systems. Power system modeling and analysis are performed using popular commercial software such as SKM, ETAP, and EasyPower.

  • Load flow analysis
  • Short circuit analysis
  • Protective device coordination
  • Arc flash hazard analysis
  • Motor starting analysis
  • Power factor analysis
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Furnace transformer circle diagrams
  • SVC sizing
  • Transient analysis
  • RC element sizing
  • Ferro-resonance
  • Lightning and insulation coordination


Process requirements and utility limitations impose various constraints on the design of power systems. Primetals Technologies works with you to navigate these meticulous details and develops tailor-made solutions suitable for your plant.



  • Development of specifications, including drawings, bill of material, and layouts
  • Engineering packages to develop room layouts and installation drawings
  • Cable engineering, routing optimization, and installation
  • Power system modeling and analysis
  • Protection relay co-ordination and settings
  • Design, supply, testing, and maintenance of electrical equipment
  • Power quality solutions
  • Installation engineering, site supervision, and installation
  • Civil engineering, structural engineering, and construction
  • Expansion of existing system, conventional upgrade, and retrofit solutions
  • Training support and spare parts
  • Testing and maintenance


Key Benefits

  • Customized solution for cost-efficient, reliable, and safe design
  • Power system solutions specific to the steel industry’s requirements
  • Working together with the mechanical group to develop turnkey solutions for customers
  • Single source electrical system integrator leads to effortless execution for the end customer


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