Bevel Gear Drive Rebuilding Header
Bevel Gear Drive Rebuilding

Inspecting and maintaining bevel gear drives

Practical training

This course takes a comprehensive look at bevel gear drive maintenance, including hands-on experience of mechanical methods used to rebuild bevel gear drives for both K-mills and V-mills.

Course description

Primetals Technologies experts will demonstrate and explain rebuilding methods that use tooling specifically developed for working on the Morgan No-Twist® Mill (NTM). After completing this course, participants should know how the bevel gear drive works, and be able to identify parts and proper rebuilding and test procedures and techniques.

Target group

Mechanics and technicians requiring knowledge to disassemble, assemble, and inspect bevel gear drives. Also mill maintenance staff and production personnel involved with preventive and planned maintenance outages on the Morgan No-Twist® Mill (NTM)

Course outline

  • Identifying when a rebuild is required, and preventative maintenance plans for both K-mills and V-mills
  • Project planning to reduce downtime
  • Bevel gear drive disassembly
  • Inspection and determining acceptance limits
  • Bevel gear drive assembly and gear contact procedure
  • Flushing and gear spray adjustment
  • Final assembly inspection


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