Vertical Casting


Highly specialized steel grades for the most demanding downstream applications can be produced with vertical casting machines from Primetals Technologies.

Vertical casting machines enable almost any steel grade to be cast. They are employed for the casting of steel grades that cannot be cast on a conventional bow-type caster. The advantages of vertical casters include the elimination of bending and straightening forces, optimal steel cleanliness, and a high homogeneity and symmetry of the cast slabs or blooms.

Continuous casting technology started many years ago with the vertical style-machine. The impact of this change affected a large portion of ingot steel production and resulted in considerable cost savings. Bow-type casters followed soon after and also strongly influenced cost savings and operational simplicity. The vertical caster still has its advantages with respect to product quality for very special steel grades: and for the highest quality requirements, the ingot and vertical CC route is still in use today and in certain cases is even the preferred solution. Because there are no bending and unbending procedures, there is almost no restriction in the steel grades that can be cast. In addition, the pure vertical orientation of the process allows for the best upward flotation of non-metallic inclusions and ensures the highest internal strand cleanliness. The application of the modern technological packages used today on modern bow-type casters can also extend the operational range of vertical casting solutions. As a prerequisite for optimal operation, special attention must be paid to the precise metallurgical properties used in the online systems, which are derived from the latest DynaPhase model. The latest solution for heavy-bloom round casting and the corresponding operational results are presented here to demonstrate the special features of vertical bloom casting.

Superior quality features in comparison to ingot route

  • Ideal conditions for clean steel
  • Vertical design offers best conditions for floatation of inclusions to meniscus
  • Non metallic inclusions are effectively captured by mold slag
  • Fully symmetric microstructure, homogeneous material properties
  • Electromagnetic stirring improves internal quality, optimized microstructure
  • Smooth surface due to defined heat transfer conditions in the mold
  • Less deformation degree of bloom
  • Computer controlled operation ensures steady quality level


Fig.1- 1-strand vertical stainless steel slab caster Baosteel, Shanghai, China

Fig.2- 1-strand stainless steel vertical slab Taiyuan Iron&Steel Co Ltd SMP 3, P.R. China

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Reference Story

New Bloom Vertical Continuous Casting Plant

Zhongyuan Special Steel Co., Ltd., Jiyuan, China

Type of plant
Bloom Vertical Continuous Casting Plant

Our solution
Production: 370,000 tpy
Max. Casting Speed: 0.55 m/min
Number of Strands: 2
Section Size: Ø400, Ø600, Ø800 mm
Heat Size: 60t