Mini Mills for Flat Products


Primetals Technologies is one of the leading companies in Mini Mill technologies, offering mechanical and electrical equipment, engineering, automation, and process technology from a single source. By completely coordinating all complex technical, metallurgical, and logistical relationships, we generate time, cost, and productivity advantages.

The Primetals Technologies’ electric steelmaking technology is the ideal solution for your Mini Mill plant. Being the product of continuous development improvements, our furnaces feature maximized power-on-time, high-speed movements, and easy access to all components for maintenance. The furnace is ideal for ultra-high-power input and overall furnace performance can be additionally enhanced with the latest oxygen- and carbon-injection technologies. In addition, our stainless steelmaking technology features converter processes for stainless steel refining and secondary metallurgical facilities, including ladle furnaces, conditioning stands, and vacuum treatment stations.
In supplying a full range of proven products, dependable services for ongoing plant optimization, automation expertise, and time and cost-optimized processes, Primetals Technologies provides you with a completely systems-engineered plant designed to meet your needs and support you in all ancillary tasks for years to come.

Leading basic automation, process control, and process optimization play a key role in stable processes, flexibility, productivity and high system availability. Our systems generate improvements in steel production by combining reliable solutions for power supply, drives, and automation with technology-specific applications.

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