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London, May 18, 2016

Primetals Technologies receives FAC for last of four LD (BOF) converters supplied to JSW Steel

  • Last of four converters started up in January receives final acceptance in April
  • Shut-down work took only 33 instead of 42 days
  • High-temperature creep-resistant materials and a special cooling design ensure a long service life
  • Larger volume reduces less slopping


In April, Indian steelmaker Jindal South West Steel Ltd. (JSW Steel) issued the Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) for the last of four LD (BOF) converters ordered from Primetals Technologies in September 2014, which had been started up in January. The shut-down lasted only 33 days, nine days less than contractually agreed. The other three converters commenced operation one by one, beginning in September 2015. The converters installed in the Steel Melt Shop no. 2 in Vijayanagar, Toranagallu are made of high-temperature creep-resistant steel. In conjunction with a combined air and water cooling system, this will achieve a long service life. The new converters will have a larger interior volume than the previously used models. This will reduce slopping.


JSW Steel is the leading steel producer in India with an installed capacity of 14.3 million metric tons of steel per annum. Of this total, ten million metric tons are produced alone by the Vijayanagar steel works in Toranagallu, in the State of Karnataka. On account of the high maintenance requirement of the existing LD converters in steel works no. 2, JSW Steel decided to replace them with new converters from Primetals Technologies.


Each converter has a tapping weight of 180 metric tons. Primetals Technologies supplied the converter vessels, including the trunnion rings and suspension systems. All the converters are equipped with bottom-stirring systems. The converters are constructed of high-temperature creep-resistant materials in order to limit heat-related deformations. In conjunction with a specially designed, combined air and water cooling system, this achieves not only a long service life but also reduces maintenance requirements. Each converter has a water-cooled cone cooling system and air cooled trunnion ring. The scope of delivery also included two new tilting drives, two sets new quick-change couplings for top blowing lances, and the complete basic automation (level 1) for the converters. Primetals Technologies also was responsible for supervising the installation and commissioning, and engineered the modifications required to the converter housings.


LD (BOF) converter from Primetals Technologies in the Steel Melt Shop no. 2 of JSW Steel in Vijayanagar, Toranagallu, India.



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