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London, August 11, 2016

Primetals Technologies to supply new billet stand and combination saw to Třinecké železárny

  • Operations will become more flexible
  • Rolling precision and product quality will improve
  • Maintenance will become easier


Třinecké železárny, a Czech steel producer, has awarded Primetals Technologies an order to supply a new billet stand and a combination saw for its plant in Třinec in the Czech Republic for the production of bar steel with round and square cross-sections. The new equipment will increase rolling precision and thus product quality. Operations will also become more flexible and maintenance more straightforward. Commissioning is scheduled for November 2017. The order was secured thanks to the many years of good cooperation between the two companies. Just recently at the Invent Arena Trade Fair, Třinecké železárny honored Primetals Technologies for its patented high-speed laying head.

Primetals Technologies is responsible for designing the process equipment, the billet stand and the combination sawing machine as well as for supplying the process equipment, the fluid systems and the electrical equipment - including converters and motor controllers, the automation system and mechatronic packages. Primetals Technologies will also supervise the installation and commissioning work.

The process equipment includes an entry-side manipulator unit to translate and rotate the bars between the individual roll passes, a type BDM 37 billet stand with a working centerline of 1,270 millimeters and roll barrel with a length of 2,200 millimeters, as well as a type TRM-P1800SX combination saw. The billet stand processes blooms with widths from 220 to 280 millimeters, and thicknesses from 150 to 240 millimeters. The stand rolls billets with square cross-sections ranging from 100x100 to 155x155 millimeters, and round bars with diameters of 150, 180 and 210 millimeters. It produces low and medium-carbon steels, as well as special steels, including stainless, tool, bearing and spring steels, and alloy, ledeburitic and manganese Hadfield steels. The outstanding features of the billet stand are a fast roll change and simple maintenance. The speed of rotation of the rolls can be synchronized with the speed of the roller tables, which minimizes damage to the surface of the rolling stock. An optimized pass schedule ensures even wear on the work rolls. The complete drive train - from the motors to the spindles - will be retained when the new stand is installed. The existing base plate will also be re-used. This reduces the amount of structural work required, and thus the length of the shutdown required for the conversion work. The combination saw can be operated with either abrasive or metal cutting disks with a maximum diameter of 1,800 millimeters. The saw system also includes a device for crop collecting and a dust extraction unit. The system adjusts the speed to compensate for wear on the cutting disks. The cutting rate and feed rate depend on the temperature of the bar steel and the steel grade.

Třinecké Železárny is one of the longest established industrial companies in the iron and steel industry in the Czech Republic. Its range of products includes rails, wire rod, bars, semifinished products, seamless tubes and drawn steel. In 2014, the company produced some 2.5 million metric tons of steel, which made it the largest steel producer in the Czech Republic. Primetals Technologies and Třinecké Železárny have already completed a number of joint projects in the past, including the construction of a secondary dedusting system, the modernization of a wire and bar line, and the installation of an outlet for bar-in-coil.


Billet stand from Primetals Technologies. A comparable plant is being installed for the Czech steel producer Třinecké železárny in Třinec, Czech Republic.


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