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Primetals Technologies Receives Follow-Up Order for New Millstand Drives at Cold Rolling Mill in Finland

  • SSAB places additional order for comprehensive millstand modernization after successful upgrade of stand No. 1
  • Complete drive system at tandem cold mill to meet most modern standards
  • Equipment scheduled to be fully implemented by May 2026

In early Spring 2023, Primetals Technologies implemented millstand drives for stand No. 1 at SSAB’s 4-stand tandem cold rolling mill in Hämeenlinna, Finland. Phase 2 of the millstand drive modernization was executed in late 2023, and recently, Primetals Technologies received the final acceptance certificate (FAC) from SSAB. Following the successful Phase 1 and 2 projects, SSAB has now tasked Primetals Technologies with Phase 3 to 5 of the upgrade.

A smooth integration of new systems

During Phase 1 of the modernization, Primetals Technologies upgraded the complete drive system, including transformers, drive, and motor, for millstand No. 1. Primetals Technologies’ execution of the project met SSAB’s expectations, and the Finnish steel producer also appreciated the smooth merging of new and existing systems. SSAB placed the follow-up order shortly after the completion of Phase 1.

Increased availability of tandem cold mill

In Phase 3 and 4 the transformers, drives, and motors of the remaining mill stands will be modernized in a similar way to Phase 1 and 2. In Phase 5 an obsolete motor will be refurbished, allowing it to be used as a replacement for the other already modernized motors. The objective of the extensive upgrade is to secure the supply of spare parts for the millstand drives well into the future. Moreover, the availability of the tandem cold rolling mill will be increased.

SSAB Hämeenlinna and Primetals Technologies have collaborated on several successful projects over the last few years, including a modernization of the Level 2 automation system at the tandem cold rolling mill in 2022 and a modernization of the Level 1 automation system at the same mill in 2017. The most recent projects underscore the close partnership between the two companies.

Steel for ultra-high-strength safety structures

Established in 1972, SSAB Hämeenlinna employs some 1,000 people. The 4-stand tandem cold rolling mill produces coil ranging from 660 to 1,575 millimeters in width at thicknesses of 0.35 to 3.1 millimeters. In Hämeenlinna, SSAB manufactures cold-rolled as well as metal- and color-coated steel in the form of coils, precision tubes, hollow sections, strip, and slit strip. The items are used for a wide array of applications in sectors like automotive – for example, in the form of ultra-high-strength safety structures in cars – construction, or household appliance manufacturing.

SSAB Hämeenlinna has placed a follow-up order with Primetals Technologies for a modernization of the millstands at its cold rolling mill in Hämeenlinna, Finland. Photo of the steel producers’ tandem cold rolling mill. Copyright: SSAB Hämeenlinna