Company Profile


At Primetals Technologies, we have a decades-long history of promoting innovation for the steel industry. We are continually pioneering new solutions to provide metals producers with cutting-edge, custom-tailored plant equipment. Our latest focus areas include new ecological solutions, the digitalization of all production-related processes, advanced automation as summed up by the term “Industry 4.0”, future-oriented designs for linked casting and rolling, as well as advanced process analysis and optimization. With thousands of references in steel-plant design and construction, we are ready to support our customers in setting new targets and deciding their future role in the metals business.

Our Vision

As a pioneer and world leader in metallurgical plant solutions, we continuously challenge ourselves to deliver groundbreaking solutions, future-proof the business models of our customers, and make a lasting contribution to society.​


Our Mission

We are a full-line supplier across the entire value chain, from raw materials to the finished product. We strive to meet the ever-increasing needs and challenges of our customers by providing world-class technological solutions, lifecycle services, and equipment with superior-quality workmanship.

Our extensive project-management expertise and our pursuit of synergies as an integrated mechanical and electrical supplier are key to ensuring the highest quality standards for our customers. We take the greatest of care when working with customers to optimally understand and fulfill their needs. As a technology provider committed to long-term partnerships, we support our customers from the inception of a
project to the final training of their employees, so that uncertainties are ruled out and success is guaranteed.


More about us

Primetals Technologies was founded on January 7, 2015, as a joint venture  of Siemens, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and partners. Our company’s solutions are based on over 60 years of innovation in the field of metals production. Both of our predecessor enterprises Mitsubishi-Hitachi Metals Machinery and Siemens VAI, have contributed greatly to the comprehensive, state-of-the-art portfolio that Primetals Technologies has at its disposal. New solutions are constantly being developed.

The R&D efforts that Primetals Technologies makes today are a direct continuation of the company’s technological legacy. While our engineers are constantly working to refine our many proven solutions, we are simultaneously pioneering new production methods to facilitate persistent progress within the metals industry.

The close collaboration with our customers is a major factor that drives us to achieve results unparalleled in the industry. We pay close attention to our customers’ requirements, determine the technological packages best suited to support their targets, and accompany them from the initial pre-planning phase of a project to the final training of their staff, to ensure the best-possible return on investment. As technology pioneers at heart, we are ready to inspire our customers to set the right course for continued success in the metals industry.