Efficient Heating System

Efficient Heating System

EHS allow increased energy efficiency in the rolling operation, and improves flexibility.

The Efficient Heating System (EHS) is a flexible plant solution which maximizes the efficiency of the billet pre-heating by combining different energy sources. The process route is tailored to local energy cost patterns and source availability. The electric heating through high-performance induction units allows a significant reduction of scale generation.

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Efficient Heating System for billets

The Efficient Heating System (EHS) combines different energy sources for billet re-heating in a flexible plant solution which maximizes the efficiency of operation, and minimizes the energy consumption. The billet heating route is flexibly adapted to local energy cost patterns and source availability. From the most conventional heating route via a fossil-fuel furnace, to the full direct charge to a high-performance induction furnace for temperature equalization and boost, all the combinations of hot- and cold- charge with fossil-fuel and induction furnace are simulated by the EHS proprietary tool, in order to define the final optimum route.

During the conventional heating process of the billet, there is a significant generation of scale which is detrimental to the metallic yield, and represents an important amount of lost production. With the integrated operation of fossil-fuel and induction furnaces provided by EHS, the staying time of the billet at the different temperatures may be adjusted and controlled, so to significantly reduce its oxidation and the corresponding formation of scale.

The power control and process automation of EHS can be effectively integrated with the advanced thermo-metallurgical models available in the rolling mill, for the control of thermal profile accuracy of the rolled stock, the process compression and the enhancement of product quality.

Today’s steel producers face the dual challenge of ensuring on-time delivery and ever demanding product requirements, while also running a lean operation. Every day the management of a long rolling plant requires continuous optimization of both operating and business practices.

Utilizing the ongoing evolution in technology through data collection, communication, internet of things, control techniques and smart sensors, there is now more information available than ever before. This information will both advance control and monitoring of plant performance, revolutionizing long rolling mill plants worldwide and optimizing the entire value chain, along with improved and more flexible production, utilizing the latest control and drive technology.

Digitalization of Long Rolling Control System – Smart Sensors

Fig.1 - Smart Sensors for digitalization of Long Rolling Control System

Primetals Technologies Long Rolling Process Expert - Transparency for your entire production process

“You cannot manage what you do not measure” – Primetals Technologies Long Rolling Process Expert monitors and collects data from the raw material stage through to the finished product. Its domain extends from the enterprise resource planning (ERP), through Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), to control systems and down to the plant device level.

The system delivers

  • Valuable mill reports for operators and management
  • Defined KPI’s to assess plant performance
  • Plant to plant performance at corporate level
    • Fig. 2- Process Expert Long Rolling – cost efficient and modular automation system. Material tracking and roll shop management module included

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Reference Story

Optimized Use of Heating Sources

Agha Steel Industries, Karachi, Pakistan

Type of plant
Rebar mill

Technical data
300,000 tons per year of rebars

Our solution
The Efficient Heating System (EHS) optimizes the combination of different heating sources for billets according to their respective variable cost and availability

The result
The high-power induction furnace allows for precise control of temperature uniformity over the entire billet length, and reduces the formation of scale.