Rod Mill Equipment


Speed, reliability and process flexibility are key to productive rod rolling operations — for high volume small sizes, maximum uptime, and multiple sizes/grades with quality tolerances, metallurgical and surface properties.

As long rolling’s technology pioneers, Primetals Technologies applies knowledge and experience to supply your ferrous and non-ferrous mill’s best solution. The leading provider of efficient wire rod mill technology with Morgan Vee No-Twist® Mills, Red Ring Stands, Morgan Reducing/Sizing Mills, controlled cooling systems and thermomechanical rolling, we offer finishing blocks plus our High Speed Trim Shear and Morgan High Speed Laying Head to roll reliably at high speeds for superior coil packages. For more difficult steel grades, our versatile Morgan Stelmor conveyor system creates a wide range of cooling conditions. Our coil reforming, handling and compacting systems deliver the highest quality coil for demanding markets.

Primetals Technologies has installed or upgraded more than 1,000 rolling mills on six continents. These mills have set worldwide benchmarks for technological leadership, reliability and performance.

Rod rolling processing

High speed, high production capacity and reliability are critically important on the finishing end of your rod mill. Primetals Technologies supplies the Morgan Vee No-Twist MillMorgan Mini-BlockMorgan High Speed Laying Head and Intelligent Pinch Roll, and the Morgan High Speed Shear, providing the flexibility to produce a wide range of sizes and steel qualities with the best possible product dimensional accuracy. To meet the unique demands of the non-ferrous market, we supply entry shearsintermediate shears, rolling stands and finishing blocks.

Rod sizing technology

With two decades of operational know-how on more than 60 installed strands, our engineers have advanced the Morgan Rod Reducing/Sizing Mill into the most versatile, sought after rolling technology available for close-tolerance products and thermomechanical rolling.

Controlled cooling

Using Morgan Water Boxes and the Morgan Stelmor controlled cooling conveyor system allows processing of a wide range of steel grades and enables thermomechanical rolling. We also offer pickling lines for cooling during copper and aluminum rod production.

Coil handling

From complete handling systems to system upgrades, Primetals Technologies offers many solutions for every coil handling need. Starting with the coil reform with ring distributor to optimize the coil package, we provide vertical and horizontal coil handling and compactor systems. For non-ferrous mills, we offer dual-reel coilers and coil handling systems designed for copper and aluminum rod production.


 Fig.1- Zenith wire rod mill  |  Fig.2- Morgan Vee No-Twist Mill  |  Fig.3- Morgan Stelmor conveyor

A large selection of technical papers is available. Please contact us to receive those of interest to you.

Technology based on proven standardized electrical & automation products and solutions to optimize your long production: wires, rods, bars, sections, heavy sections, rails, and also non-ferrous applications - always state-of-the-art. Our portfolio comprises a long tradition and technological experience in production process, automation, electrical engineering and project management for your medium and heavy section mill, bar mill, wire rod mill, rail mill and copper mill.

Primetals Technologies has the answer to your complex and diverse market requirements, and needs to react to diverse requirements – from the smallest upgrade solution to the highest technical demands for high-speed and special steel grade production.
With our Standard Long Rolling concept, our world-class electrical equipment, and our process and design tools, we set benchmarks for the long rolling market. We offer worldwide proven and extensively preconfigured solutions including modular standard packages as well as global and intelligent service concepts with regional support for the whole life-cycle. Additional packages can be designed customer and project specific and phased in. 
We keep you updated about your plant and the production by high quality material handling, plant data acquisition and reporting systems.

Long Rolling Process Expert - Transparency for your entire production process

Our modular extendable expert system provides:

  • Material tracking from billet yard thru furnace via mill to product handling and product yard
  • Powerful pass scheduling and pass schedule calculation
  • Integrated roll shop module
  • Definition of production standards and online comparison of production against defined standards
  • Seamless acquisition of process relevant data (KPIs) and analyze to optimize your product and your production process
  • Comfortable and ergonomic HMI as well as flexible reporting system for plant operators, maintenance personnel, roll shop and plant management
  • Integrated process automation functionality
  • Interfaces to ERP, steel plant, melt shop, laboratory, etc

Integrated Plants & Solutions for rod mill - Experience that Matters

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Reference Story

Quality Products at High Speeds

Hyundai Steel Company, Dangjin, Republic of Korea

Type of plant
Combination straight bar, bar-in-coil and wire rod mill

Technical data
110 m/s maximum finishing speeds, 160 tph, plain rod from 5.5 mm – 26.0 mm, plain carbon, spring steel, boron steels, free cutting, special alloys, bearing and cold heading qualities

Our solution
Incorporates the latest high speed rolling equipment plus an 11-zone conveyor for production of 400,000 tpy of high quality rod products, intended primarily for automotive applications.

The result
The new mills provide a wide variety of high quality products for the automotive market, meeting Hyundai's tight dimensional tolerance and excellent surface quality requirements, plus the best possible metallurgical quality and uniformity.