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Edge Wipe

Removal of roll coolant from strip edge

Edge Wipe
  • Knock-off and sweeper jets for maximum edge-bead removal to meet strip dryness requirements 
  • Blows the beads of fluid away from the strip edge, which are then removed via a suction duct
  • Improves strip-edge dryness for maximum yield across the full product range
  • Reduces harmful emissions to the environment
  • Significant cost savings through coolant recycling
  • Robust modular design ensures reliability and ease of maintenance
  • Automatic strip-edge tracking  ensures air jets are always in the optimum position for maximum edge-bead removal
  • Self-adjusts to varying strip widths based on incoming coil data, reducing coil-to-coil time 
  • Reduces coil staining and telescoping, increasing productivity and quality