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Orissa Metaliks: Section view of three strand billet caster to be supplied by Concast

London, October 18, 2016

Concast (India) to supply continuous billet caster to Orissa Metaliks in India

  • Plant will produce 384,000 tons of billets with cross section of 100 millimeters
  • Billets will be rolled to commercial rebar grades
  • Increases capacity, mainly targeting the local market
  • Caster is designed for hot direct rolling of billets without reheating in order to save energy


Concast (India) Ltd., a Primetals Technologies Group Company, has received an order from Indian steel producer Orissa Metaliks Private Limited (Orissa Metaliks) to supply a three-strand continuous billet caster for the company´s production site near Kharagpur, West Bengal. The plant is designed to produce 384,000 tons of carbon steel billets per year with a cross section of 100 millimeters for further processing to commercial rebars. The aim of the project is to increase capacity. To save energy, the casting machine is designed for hot direct rolling of billets to rebars without reheating. The plant start-up is scheduled for November 2016.


Orissa Metaliks is involved in producing steel products and is part of the Rashmi Group. The caster has a machine radius of 6 meters, a metallurgical length of 11 meters and a curved tube mold. Maximum casting speed is 4.1 meters per minute. Concast (India) is responsible for designing, engineering and manufacturing of ladle support, tundish and tundish support, mold and oscillator, straightener segments, secondary cooling, dummy bar system as well as pusher and cooling bed. The hot charging system will be provided by Orissa Metaliks. Concast (India) will also supply the basic automation (level 1) and HMI system, and will take care of installation and commissioning of the casting machine. In 2010, Concast (India) supplied already a three-strand caster to Orissa Metaliks.


Orissa Metaliks: Section view of three strand billet caster to be supplied by Concast (India)


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