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Comprehensive consulting from Primetals Technologies

London, June 27, 2022

Hoa Phat brings its steel production to the next level with comprehensive consulting from Primetals Technologies

  • Process and technology consulting services for integrated steel production complex
  • Thorough process, equipment, and technology audit
  • Comprehensive evaluation to improve production performance, productivity, and product quality

Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel JSC, a leading steel manufacturer in Southeast Asia, awarded Primetals Technologies with a contract for process and technology consulting services for their integrated steel plant in Dung Quat, Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam.
The facility was supplied a few years ago by third-party suppliers and includes a blast furnace, a BOF-based meltshop, and a thin slab casting and rolling plant, producing hot-rolled coils, which was started up in 2019.

According to Hoa Phat, the goal of the process and technology consulting services is "to study existing production performance and advise on possible improvements in product quality as well as on conversion cost reduction."

Primetals Technologies experts will study the plant, produce a comprehensive process, equipment, and technology audit, present a plant performance evaluation regarding production and quality, and explore possible optimization areas to improve operational expenditure (OPEX) and increase Hoa Phat's competitiveness.
Each recommended improvement will receive a priority ranking to support the Hoa Phat team in evaluating the proper measures and implementations to achieve higher performance.

This significant order is evidence of the trust Hoa Phat group has developed in Primetals Technologies' competencies in ironmaking, steelmaking, and hot-rolled coil production. The basis of which is the ongoing cooperation in developing the new 6 million-ton-per-year slab caster and 5.5 million-ton hot strip mill project, including the Through-Process Optimization (TPO) quality control system and the Asset Life Expert (ALEX) intelligent digital assistant. At present, this significant project is in the advanced engineering phase.

Hoa Phat is the leading industrial manufacturing group in Vietnam. Currently, the Group operates in five sectors: Iron and steel (construction steel, hot rolled coil), steel products (including steel pipes, galvanized steel, drawn steel wire, prestressed steel), agriculture, real estate, and home appliances. Steel production is the heart of the business, accounting for 90 percent of the revenue. Hoa Phat is the largest steel producer in Southeast Asia, with a capacity of eight million tons of crude steel per annum.

Comprehensive consulting from Primetals Technologies

Comprehensive consulting from Primetals Technologies

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