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  • London, 20.01.2020

    Primetals Technologies to supply staves for blast furnace of China Steel Corporation

    China Steel Machinery Company (CSMC), a subsidiary of Taiwanese steel producer China Steel Corporation (CSC) has placed an order with Primetals Technologies to supply staves for CSC´s blast furnace 2 at the company´s Kaohsiung plant. The new staves are part of the third rebuild of blast furnace 2. The aim is to extend the furnace´s lifetime by a further 18 years.


  • London, 13.01.2020

    Level-2-system from Primetals Technologies digitalizes know-how for Jindal Stainless AOD converter

    Jindal Stainless Ltd. issued the final acceptance certificate for the new level-2-process automation on AOD converter #1 to Primetals Technologies in April 2019. The AOD converter was equipped with a level-1-system and brought into operation by a third party in 2010. Jindal Stainless Ltd. subsequently developed its own solution to optimize the implemented level-2-system. This has now been replaced by a new, comprehensive level-2-system from Primetals Technologies that includes a dynamic process model.