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Process optimization system: caster overview

London, December 13, 2018

Primetals Technologies offers subscription licenses for caster process optimization systems

  • US-based steelmaker first to subscribe
  • New releases, upgrades, updates and fixes are implemented on a regular basis
  • Modularity enables users to subscribe or cancel single functions and models
  • Newly developed features and enhancements can be implemented
  • Included remote support service package


Primetals Technologies commences to offer subscription licenses for process optimization systems to operators of continuous casting machines. New releases, upgrades, updates and fixes are implemented on a regular basis. The application stays up-to-date, enabling caster operators to benefit from continuous developments, improvements and inventions. The modularity of the system allows single functions and models to be subscribed or cancelled, depending on what is required. Newly developed features and functions which become available over time can be implemented on request. The included service package provides remote support in terms of troubleshooting, consulting, training, tuning or tweaking. New functions become easier affordable as the customers only pay for what they have subscribed for. Clear and attractive annual fees allow financing out of continuous casters’ operational expenses (OPEX) and predicting costs from year to year. Less allocation of capital is required when subscribing the system. The first customer worldwide to sign up for a subscription license is a US-based steel maker, expressing his appreciation of the advantages going along with the model. This represents the first sale of a subscription license for a continuous caster process optimization system in the steel industry worldwide.


Primetals Technologies is the leading supplier of continuous casting process optimization systems providing a unique combination of metallurgical know how and software expertise. Within the past five years the advanced process models and experts have been installed more than 80 times on all types of casters in the world, making their contribution in improving production yield and quality of cast products.

Process optimization system: caster overview

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