Maintenance and Asset Technology


MAT is the technology that transforms maintenance from cost into a strategic advantage to make your plant more profitable

Excellency in maintenance reduces risk and improves performance and MAT helps you get there. Primetals Technologies uses all data available, plus its industry-specific expertise to transform unproductive and time consuming maintenance routine into a smart asset management program, allowing maintenance decisions to be made strategically and more dynamically. With MAT, your workshop is now just a click away from all data history about a particular plant part, how often it has needed repairs, when was the last time it had to be replaced, which improvements have been made. Through data analytics, maintenance can run smoother: predictable, better planned, allowing maintenance staff to focus on creating value to your product, reducing ownership costs and boosting productivity.

MAT-system is the solution that is much more than a Computerized Management System: it actually walks you, step by step, to a fully digitalized Asset Management Program. It enables and assists your team with maintenance and management of all your resources, by offering decision making support and making sure that staff's tacit knowledge is transformed into explicit knowledge. As a member of the Digital Unity network, MAT can share its information and knowhow with other networks to reach an optimal system for all systems.  MAT is portable, it can be on tablets, which allows sharing information and feedback on demand, as well as instructions. MAT is a global software as a service, the perfect solution to keep companies competitive.

Main features of the MAT-System:

  • Traditional Maintenance Management System functionality
  • Full asset history
  • Maintenance assistance with rule-based suggestions (Rule Editor)
  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling
  • Graphical resource deposition
  • Management Cockpit with dynamic Reports and Dash-boarding
  • Improvement and Deviation management
  • Interfaces to ERP, Condition Monitoring System (CMS), Level 1, Level 2 and Data Mining Platforms
  • Interfaces to other Digital Unity Members
  • Mobile Works Execution
  • On Premise or Off Premise as software as a service (SaaS)
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    • Fig. 1-MAT can find the answers to perfect processes at your plant
    • Fig. 2-MAT is portable, it can run on tablets

Four smart modular packages – Predictive Maintenance, Planning & Shutdown Optimizer, Reporting & Business Intelligence and Strategic Asset Management are there to make customers achieve superb maintenance, step by step.

MAT can come pre-configured and loaded with everything you need: from criticality assessments and maintenance strategies for specific equipment to procedures, documentation and checklists for responding to specific alarms, bringing with it decades of domain expertise and intelligence.

MAT has decision alerts which automatically answer to questions like: What must be done when a specific alarm goes off? What are the features to take into account to schedule a service? Should you schedule a service or wait until the part fails?  Can you postpone an inspection until after the next big order? Will it pay off? All these questions and more will be answered by MAT, always taking into account profit maximization, minimizing waste and saving up resources. On top of that, MAT saves and analyses all information related to cases, creating a database that will be available for further analysis.

MAT is a must have for superb steel plant maintenance and the key to outpace competition!

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    • Fig. 1-MAT transforms maintenance into a strategic advantage
    • Fig 2-Reducing ownership costs and boosting productivity

Reference Story: Implementation of MAT maintenance and asset technology in caster and roller workshop

HBIS Tangshan Iron and Steel Group, China

Type of plant
Caster and Roller maintenance workshop

Our solution
MAT covers and supports all processes of the new caster maintenance workshop operated as a joint venture company of Primetals Technologies and HBIS Tangshan Iron and Steel Group. MAT transforms maintenance from cost into a strategic advantage reducing ownership costs and boosting productivity.

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