Production Management System


This solution enables metals producers to attain horizontal and vertical integration of their complete business processes.

The Production Management solution contains a complete set of modules, covering planning levels from Demand & Sales Planning through Flow & Order Planning to Detailed Scheduling. Order Life Cycle Management, including production order generation, order combination and fulfillment tracking go hand in hand with Production Execution to monitor and control all production activities. Embedded Quality Management & Control with integrated deviation management determines the detailed quality status and allows you to manage any product defect. The system is finally completed by Logistics to optimize all material transport and inventory.

Product Definition, Order Dresser

How to produce the product

Through-Process knowledge base

  • Product definition and routings
  • Quality master data and standards
  • Production capabilities, time and cost model
  • Technological rules and process instructions

Production order generation

  • Determine standard, grade, quality for sales order
  • Generate routing and production instructions
  • Generation of test and sampling instructions

Material demand calculation

  • Quantitative elaboration of the order and calculation of material demand along the route
  • Calculate dimensions of all intermediate products
  • Consider order tolerances


Fig.1- Concept Production Order Generation

Integrated Supply Chain Optimization for Metals with Planning and Scheduling

Demand and Sales Planning

  • Medium and long term sales planning
  • Profit optimization by allocating demand to appropriate production sites / lines
  • Sales quota for order promising process

Flow and Order Planning

  • Optimal trade-off between service level, inventory performance and capacity utilization
  • Optimized product mix and order plan considering alternative routings and multiple sites

Order and Line Scheduling

  • Cross-plant scheduling of the order book
  • Hot charging optimization
  • Throughput optimization for different lines
  • Seamless integration with production execution

Material Planning

  • Net demand calculation
  • Optimized inventory-order assignments considering specifics as:
    • Material flow constraints,
    • Matching criteria
    • Stock and Logistical constraints
  • Support of decoupling points and vendor managed inventory strategies
  • Optimized material utilization by Coil and Plate Combination

Fig.1- Graphical view on scheduling results

Continuous Process Improvement

Order Dressing

  • Sophisticated Sales Order transformation to Production Order including technical process and quality instructions
  • Generate Testing and Sampling Instructions
  • Centralized process knowledge base defining how to produce products

Quality and Deviation Management

  • Rule based assigning of pieces for testing and sampling during order execution
  • Collection of production, testing and sample analysis feedback along the production route
  • Rule-based feedback data validation
  • Product Disposition and Deviation Management in case production results do not match targets
  • Integration with Through-Process Quality Control for in-depth feedback, supporting the disposition process

Integrated Quality Management

  • Support the process of continuous improvement by providing high agility in the closed loop of
    • Definition of quality targets,
    • Control of process results and
    • Adjust targets accordingly
  • Documentation of the whole process for certification requirement


Fig.1- Concept Deviation  Management

Execution of Management for Metals with Production

Material and Stock Management

  • Administration of all material types
  • Goods receipt, movement tracking and goods issue on material and batch level
  • Management of scrap yards, bunkers, small part areas, semi-finished products and equipment

Schedule Execution

  • Fast reaction to production issues by modifying released line schedules
  • Management of line schedule states

Production Order Lifecycle

  • Managing production orders during their lifetime
  • Status Management

Production Tracking

  • Tracking of material flow
  • Registration of all production data in the different facilities
  • Basis for reporting and quality control

Ensuring Production on the Shop Floor

  • Production continuously captures, controls and monitors all production data and processes in metals production.
  • Real-time information and KPI enable the online evaluation of current and future production.

Fig.1- Detail information about production data

Integrating Warehouse and Transport Management of Metals with Logistics

Transport Management

  • Configurable rules to organize transport depending on material characteristics, availability, schedules, vehicles
  • Resulting in minimized transport and higher throughput of the material

Yard Management

  • Yard overview allowing position check for all materials at any time
  • Tracking of means of transport in the yard
  • Extendable yard configuration

Planning and Execution of Shipping

  • Management of shipping orders
  • Automatic material assignment
  • Loading execution according to transport rules


Fig.1- Example for 3D yard view

Production Management projects provide various services

  • Requirement definition
  • Gap Analysis
  • AS-IS & TO-BE Analysis
  • Basic & Detail Design
  • Customized Configuration & Implementation
  • On site go-live and operational Support
  • IT & key user Training
  • Product & Application Maintenance
  • Process & Technology Consulting


The production-management solution offered by Primetals Technologies is based on PSImetals, a comprehensive software suite that provides a large number of modules specifically tailored to the metals industry. It is a system that has already proven its merits in numerous steel-production plants worldwide. PSImetals was created and is continually developed and adapted by PSI, a German-based company Primetals Technologies forged a partnership with in the summer of 2016.



Reference Story: Production management system supporting flat steel product manufacturing facility

Tyasa, Ixtaczoquitlan, Mexico

Type of plant
EAF Quantum Steel Making, Castrip and Processing lines

Our solution
The Production Management solution covers TYASA’s existing steel making plant, billet caster and new Castrip based coil production line in Ixtaczoquitlan, Mexico. The highly configurable solution supports the customer to operate its production plant as a smart factory in the sense of industry 4.0..

Castrip is a registered trademark of Castrip LLC.

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