Circular Pelletizing Technology


A new standard for a new flexibility: ultra-compact pelletizing plants from Primetals Technologies stand for maximum flexibility, excellent pellets quality, high energy efficiency as well as low overall investment cost.

Circular Pelletizing Technology from Primetals Technologies is the next step in the evolution of highly efficient, ultra-compact pelletizing plants. It is smaller by half than conventional plants and offers completely new flexibility in integration and pellet production. It frees you from rising costs for pellet supply – with the world‘s most compact pelletizing plant.

Plant Special Features​

Based on more than 40 years of experience in straight grate pelletizing, Primetals Technologies has combined the best of two worlds – the well-proven travelling grate process with the simple and robust mechanical design of a circular dip rail cooler. The result is a revolutionary technology which reduces the size of a typical pelletizing plant by half: the Primetals Technologies Circular Pelletizing Technology – the world’s most compact plant for pelletizing by far thanks to a low building profile, short process air ducts and completely standardized equipment - is a milestone in the cost-minimized iron production with in-house made pellets.

    • Fig.1- Circular Pelletizing Plant
    • Fig.2- Induration Furnace

​Keep up with the global challenges facing especially pelletizing plants

Primetals Technologies offers a wide range of services to help our customers keep up with the global challenges facing the ironmaking industry and especially pelletizing plants. Beginning with operational consultation and plant assessment we help our customers to maintain high productivity at the lowest possible costs. We also offer operational and preventive maintenance advisory services and provide valuable support to customers during start-up and shut-down periods. To ensure expert process know-how trainings on-the job and off-site are available. Our services portfolio also includes research and analysis services and raw material tests.

    • Fig.1- Pellet test pot

​Compact design, easily and cost-efficiently integrated

The complete plant is as small as a sinter cooler and can be integrated easily and cost-efficiently within existing steelworks, even in sites where almost no free space is available. In comparison with conventional plants which are built up on a massive construction, the Circular Pelletizing Technology from Primetals Technologies stands out through its ultra-light design and offers maximum flexibility to define the plant location. Our innovative pelletizing technology stands for excellent pellets quality as produced in straight grade induration machines and at the same time high energy efficiency due to intelligent re-use of hot gas. Reduced costs, easy handling and transportation, optimized chemical properties: Experience the new freedom in pelletizing – with Circular Pelletizing Technology.

​ECO Solutions for circular pelletizing — Saving resources, creating value

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Gas Cleaning

  • Room Dedusting
  • MEROS – Maximized Emission Reduction Of Sintering
  • SCR DeNOx Plants for reducing NOx

ECO Consulting

    • Fig.1- Dedusting for pelletizing plant
    • Fig.2- 3D Modell of SCR DeNOx plant
    • Fig.3- First MEROS plant at voestalpine in Linz, Austria

Integrated Plants & Solutions for circular pelletizing — Experience that Matters

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​Reference Story

The world’s first circular pelletizing plant

Pro Minerals Pvt. Ltd., India

Type of plant
Circular Pelletizing Plant (191 m²), Output 1.0 mtpy

Our solution
A circular pelletizing plant including level 2 expert system, preprocess facilities such as additive grinding, mixing, and green pelletizing, implementation of dual fuel system: heavy oil + coal gasification.