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  • London, 20.02.2020

    Primetals Technologies receives final acceptance for modernized rolling mill at JSW Steel

    Recently, Primetals Technologies received the Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) for the modernized rolling mill for long products at JSW Steel Ltd. in Salem, India. The core of the modernization project was the new reversing roughing group with Red Ring stands, which enables to increase the size of the blooms to be processed to 220 mm. This consequently enables to extend the range of rolled products, both in terms of size and grade.


  • London, 18.02.2020

    Preliminary Acceptance Certificate awarded to Primetals Technologies by Beihai Chengde for 3-stand Power X-HI continuous tandem cold mill

    In late October, Chinese steel producer Beihai Chengde Stainless Steel Co. (Beihai Chengde) achieved their full reduction program on their new Power X-HI 3-stand mill on HRAPL#5, exceeding 60 % reduction on 304 grades with white coil process, 55 % on series 200 black coil process. Subsequently, Beihai Chengde awarded Primetals Technologies with the Preliminary Acceptance certificate for the TCM only six months after rolling mill start-up.


  • London, 20.01.2020

    Primetals Technologies to supply staves for blast furnace of China Steel Corporation

    China Steel Machinery Company (CSMC), a subsidiary of Taiwanese steel producer China Steel Corporation (CSC) has placed an order with Primetals Technologies to supply staves for CSC´s blast furnace 2 at the company´s Kaohsiung plant. The new staves are part of the third rebuild of blast furnace 2. The aim is to extend the furnace´s lifetime by a further 18 years.


  • London, 13.01.2020

    Level-2-system from Primetals Technologies digitalizes know-how for Jindal Stainless AOD converter

    Jindal Stainless Ltd. issued the final acceptance certificate for the new level-2-process automation on AOD converter #1 to Primetals Technologies in April 2019. The AOD converter was equipped with a level-1-system and brought into operation by a third party in 2010. Jindal Stainless Ltd. subsequently developed its own solution to optimize the implemented level-2-system. This has now been replaced by a new, comprehensive level-2-system from Primetals Technologies that includes a dynamic process model.