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  • London, 12.11.2021

    Primetals Technologies Italy sold to German investor Callista Private Equity

    As a part of Primetals Technologies global strategic portfolio management, Primetals Technologies Italy and its portfolio was sold to Callista Private Equity GmbH, a financial investor based in Germany. The company will from now on operate under the historical brand name POMINI Long Rolling Mills S.r.l.


  • London, 11.11.2021

    Primetals Technologies and SICON sign cooperation agreement for digitalization of scrap yards

    Primetals Technologies and SICON recently signed a cooperation agreement concerning the development of holistic solutions for the digitization of complete scrap yards. Primetals Technologies specializes, among other things, in optical scrap identification and the automation of production processes and logistics. SICON is a specialist in the processing, analysis and sorting of scrap. For the production of high quality steel grades, steel producers usually need solutions to all these issues, as well as a scrap composition matched to the end product. This "design scrap" allows a greater amount of scrap to be used in higher quality grades. This means that, when transforming a scrap yard into a digitalized and thus "smart" scrap yard, an integrated solution from Primetals Technologies and SICON saves a lot of work at the implementation stage and enables the processing of input materials for the production of high-quality end products.


  • London, 09.11.2021

    Primetals Technologies to supply gas cleaning plant for blast furnace to ArcelorMittal Poland

    Recently, ArcelorMittal Poland S.A. placed an order with Primetals Technologies and Mostostal Zabrze Realizacje Przemyslowe S.A. (MZRP) to supply a gas cleaning plant for its blast furnace #2 in Dąbrowa Górnicza, Silesia Voivodeship. The gas cleaning plant constitutes a pilot installation to be built under one of the ArcelorMittal Poland’s R&D projects co-financed from the funds of the European Regional Development Fund. The gas cleaning plant, which includes a cyclone dust separator and wet gas scrubber, will be set up as full turnkey installation. The new equipment will reduce maintenance requirements and energy consumption, increase dry dust recycling and improve the environmental footprint of the site. Work on site is scheduled to start in 2022.


  • London, 29.10.2021

    Primetals Technologies receives approval for Canadian hot strip mill drive upgrade at Algoma Steel

    Primetals Technologies has received the Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) for its drives upgrade project with Algoma Steel, Inc. of Sault Ste. Marie, Canada. The hot strip mill’s master drives for the downcoiler were replaced with state-of-the art drives at Algoma Steel's direct strip production complex.


  • London, 22.10.2021

    World premiere: First commissioning of new type of mould level control for continuous casters by Primetals Technologies

    Primetals Technologies has obtained the final acceptance certificate (FAC) for a new type of continuous casting control on an Arvedi ESP casting and rolling line. The "LevCon Bender Anti-Bulging" process patented by Primetals Technologies was commissioned for the first time anywhere in the world. The mould level in the continuous caster is stabilized by means of a controlled oscillation in the distance between opposite rollers in the bending section. This new type of process reduces the "bulging" effect of the strand on the mould level at high speeds much more effectively than by simply controlling the mould level via the steel flow into the mould. For the first time ever, it is now possible to compensate mould level fluctuations with higher frequencies.