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Four-high cold rolling stand at the AMAG rolling GmbH plant in Ranshofen, Austria. The plant is being modernized by Primetals Technologies. (Image courtesy AMAG rolling GmbH).

London, August 18, 2020

Primetals Technologies to modernize four-high cold rolling stand for AMAG rolling in Austria

  • Plant to be equipped with new gauge and flatness control
  • Integration of new Level 2 process automation
  • New electrical, automation and safety equipment
  • Standardized solutions to simplify maintenance and improve availability and operational safety


AMAG rolling GmbH, an aluminum producer, has awarded Primetals Technologies an order to modernize the four-high cold rolling stand at its site in Ranshofen, Austria. The modernization project will include renewal of the technological controls with gauge and flatness control, replacement of the technological measuring instruments, implementation of Level 2 process automation, renewal of the electrical and automation equipment (including the sensor systems and cabling) as well as replacement of the coil banding system, marking machine, video system and intercom system. The spool handling crane and strip centering control will also be modernized. One of the important components of this order is the safety equipment, which will be constructed according to the state of the art. The project is scheduled to be completed in January 2022.


The main components of the four-high cold rolling stand are a coil preparation system, spool handling, uncoiler, rolling stand, coiler, banding, marking, conveyor system, strip inspection and coil handling. Primetals Technologies equipped the main and coiler drives with the latest drive technology in 2016. In recent years, Primetals Technologies has also successfully implemented a number of modernization projects in Ranshofen, including the modernization of the continuous heat treatment line last year. The objectives of the modernization are to simplify maintenance of the rolling stand by using standardized solutions, to increase its availability, and to implement the new safety equipment according to the machine safety ordinance.


A standard, modular automation system will be installed with separate processors for the process and safety functions. These will ensure easy handling of the systems and user software. The peripheral signals will be linked to the central units through a common process field network. These signals will be coupled and decoupled by decentralized I/O modules, which will be installed in control cabinets distributed throughout the plant. In future, the process will be safely and reliably controlled by the operating personnel from Thin Client operator stations.


The order also includes conducting the risk analysis, hardware and software engineering as well as production, documentation, integration test, installation, training and commissioning. Detailed verification of the performance guarantees will also be provided. The main components will be replaced and commissioned during a single main shutdown of minimal length in the summer of 2021. One particular challenge facing the team is meeting AMAG rolling's strict quality requirements in full within a short time of commencement of production and verifying this in a demanding performance test.


The project will be executed by an internal Primetals Technologies consortium. The facility in Linz, Austria, will be responsible for: project management, electrical installations and automation for sequential, media and transport control; hardware engineering; safety equipment; installation and site management. The Erlangen facility in Germany will be responsible for: overall integration of the plant; process automation and control level functions; gauge and flatness control; technological measuring instruments; visualization system; process recording system and supervision of commissioning.


The software will be designed, and commissioning will take place according to the allocation of the items to be supplied by the various sites. A specialized department in Linz will supply the equipment and engineering for the safety mechanisms, including barriers, doors, gates and modifications of the media systems.


AMAG rolling GmbH is a globally active producer of high-quality, rolled aluminum products. The company belongs to the Austrian AMAG Group. It is one of the leading, premium suppliers of high-quality cast and rolled aluminum products. These are used in a very wide range of industries such as the aviation, automotive, mechanical engineering, construction, packaging, electrical and consumer goods industries.


Four-high cold rolling stand at the AMAG rolling GmbH plant in Ranshofen, Austria. The plant is being modernized by Primetals Technologies. (Image courtesy AMAG rolling GmbH).

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